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Pax De Deux - Arthur/Merlin, NC-17
Written for the [ profile] kinkme_merlin prompt: Arthur/Merlin,they are both athletes who meet at the Olympics. Arthur teases Merlin that his sport isn't really a sport. Merlin wins gold, Arthur doesn't. Merlin decides instead of gloating, he'll let Arthur take out his frustrations on him instead. Points for Arthur fucking Merlin while Merlin wears his gold medal. De-anon with more porn, a.k.a. this is The Late-Night Pay Per View Remix.

Don't Be A Menace (To Camelot, While Drinking Your Ale in the Woods)- Arthur/Merlin pre-slash, R (for language)
Written for the [ profile] kinkme_merlin prompt: Arthur/Merlin. Recognizing that Merlin is his father's man when it comes to the fight against magic, Arthur keeps the fact that his feelings about magic not being all bad to himself. Bonus for crack of Arthur and Merlin both going off to deal with magical things in secret from the king separately and basically tripping over each other try to accomplish the same task and pretending they're both there by happenstance. Crack

Not Yet There
- Arthur/Merlin, PG
Modern AU/kinda crossover with FlashForward. Merlin works for a temp agency in New York City as an office drone. His life, so far, has been extremely average. His future, however, may not reflect the present.

Comment Fic(lets)

Even, Still- Merlin/Arthur, PG-13
Written for a photo-prompt posted by [ profile] hermette . Fluffy boys swapping trinkets.

Priorities- Merlin/Arthur NC-17
Written for [ profile] cherrybina 's Merlin Necking Fest 2010. Arthur really likes Merlin's neck.

Better Than Annie Leibovitz, Merlin/Arthur/Lancelot, NC-17
For a photo prompt by [ profile] hermette . Arthur takes a photo. Threesome ensues.

8th Night- Arthur/Merlin, NC-17
For a Fuck Yeah Friday photo prompt by [ profile] hermette . Wank!fic


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