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I like this kitty icon, because it kind of reminds me of my old cat. He died a little over two years ago and he was almost 20.

His name was Merlin, and he was my fantastical feline friend for a very long time. 

I named him Merlin because when he was little, he used to be able to jump incredibly high, meaning you would find him in all sorts of improbable places. I, as a five year old, thought this was a bit magic. Hence the name.

I have many photos of Merlin but they are of the hand-held variety. Eventually I will scan them (or so I keep telling myself) but for now all I have is a silly LOLcat photo that I made back when that was all new and exciting.

He was an awesome cat. In his later years he specialized in taking your (now warmed) seat whenever you got up. This was sure to earn him the admonishment "Merlin!". We did not, however, say it in a British accent. 

Most people assume that Merlin was an indoor cat due to his impressive life span. He was, in fact, a die-hard outdoor free spirit who roamed the city streets with the kind of kitty swagger that was sure to earn him pats from strangers. A shy cat Merlin was not. 

Anyway, I have many, many Merlin stories, some of which are threatening to end up in this post so I am going to go before I start writing those instead of doing my more boring homework. 


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