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Okay, I MIGHT have been a bit out-of-it last night, but I decided to LOOK INTO IT today and yeah, HOLD THE PHONE GUYS, I AM SERIOUS HERE

Cut for Merlin 3.08 spoilers...but you WON'T REGRET IT )



Also, a very happy birthday and many happy returns to [ profile] dreamdustmama <3!! Because that is v. important too :)
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Still feeling poorly, but it was a good Sunday.

I went to see Salt with a friend. I wanted to see Inception but my friend really doesn't like sci-fi type things, and as I am never really opposed to watching AJ blow things up, so it was all good.

The cinema we go to has a huge parking lot, and Sundays in the summer there is a "flea market" there. I say "flea market" in quotations, because it's less a bunch of vendors selling random trinkets from their grandmother's attic than it is lots of people selling knock off luggage and $1.00 soap products. I kind of love it. We got Italian Ices, walked around and I haggled a few good deals on some fun necklaces that I can chop and remix.

I wrote some porn. It's Merlin/Arthur and NC-17 and for [ profile] cherrybina 's Merlin Necking Fest 2010. Apparently I write loquacious porn. The words, i cannot stop them. HELP!

I love you guys.
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1) Computer fixed over a week ago, but still a little absent around here because...

2) I was in the hospital for a week. Infection. Other issues. Was able to read LJ and comment some but didn't get full computer access until Friday.  I remembered how utterly boring hospital stays are. Thankfully, I had recently downloaded a ton of podfic, which seriously SAVED MY SANITY. I feel like I need to write a "Thank you" letter to all those lovely podficcers and possibly buy them presents. Or something.

I also wrote Merlin/Arthur fic in a little notebook, which may or may not be typed up and posted. It's all angsty and probably addled. SPEAKING OF ADDLED...

3) I am so behind with LJ and other online stuff and I'm just beginning to get caught up. SO I ASK YOU, flist, WHAT IS THE 411? WHAT ARE THE COOL JAMS? 

Then again, it's only been a week...but it was a terribly long one over here.

4) In my addled state, I pre-ordered Merlin Season 1 on DVD from Amazon, WHICH IS COOL AND ALL, but it's not coming out until April 26th and I wasn't going to buy it until next month. I was supposed to spend my March self-allocated ~$30 "monthly extras" budget on a paid LJ account (I KNOW, I'M LAME AND BEHIND THE TIMES) but in some kind of excited haze I forgot. It's probably because....

5) I saw the little "Merlin Season Premiere" corner thingy pop up on the SyFy channel and got a little too excited. I think I pointed at the screen and said "OMG look" which probably looked silly and frankly was silly because it's not like I didn't know it was coming. Maybe it was just my response to seeing Colin Morgan's face on my television screen...I've only ever seen it on a laptop. I'm looking forward to the marathon next Sunday.

Speaking of things to do on a Sunday...

7) Today my friend and I took a little trip to an abandoned state mental hospital to walk around and take some photos. We're kind of UrbEx addicts and while this wasn't exactly that it was a nice trip nonetheless. I love abandoned places/things and while today wasn't great for photos (too sunny!) it was beautiful to walk around. I don't know if any of you are interested in that kind of thing (and my digital camera is a little crappy) but here are are a few of the photos if you'd like to see them:
Remember us, for we too have lived, loved and laughed )

8) I came back to my LJ to feeling the need for new icons. I need to go clicking around for more, but definitely have things I need to be doing instead. I could keep them but having 15 at a time means I need to refresh my stock instead of adding to it. IDK why I am mentioning this. ANYONE OUT THERE MAKE ICONS??? POINT ME TO YOUR CREATIONS!!

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Horses of Merlin Picspam )

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HELLO FRIENDS NEW AND OLD. HAPPY MARCH! 3 things that smack of goodness:
1. [ profile] reel_merlin   signups! Seeing as I've been having a bit of fun with fic writing, I thought I'd try to sign up for something like this.  I read the completed entries over there in the fall and then asked myself "Self, what movie would I want to cross over with Merlin?". And then it hit me and refused to go away...I want a Merlinized version of The Fifth Element. With Arthur!Corbin Dallas and Merlin!Lilu. That's right, Merlin is going to be Milla Jovovich, only with magic instead of martial skills and no orange hair. I might be crazy, BUT I'M EXCITED, FOLKS.

2. March! Which means spring is on its way and kayak season is almost here! (Until I get a drysuit and perfect my roll..then it's on all 4 seasons)

3. Explaining plate tectonics to my coworkers using pizza slices and spatulas for props.

And 3 photos I for the road

That's a Sheppard Fairey piece (of HOPE poster fame) near work


Took these on the way to work today. I didn't do it, honest!
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Title: Pas De Deux (Or, Arthur and Merlin do the Olympics)
Pairings: Arthur/Merlin
Rating: Hard R
Warnings/Spoilers: Here be porn, un-beta'd
Disclaimer: They do not belong to me and this has no effect whatsoever on my cash-money flow
Summary: written for the [ profile] kinkme_merlin prompt: Arthur/Merlin, they are both athletes who meet at the Olympics. Arthur teases Merlin that his sport isn't really a sport. Merlin wins gold, Arthur doesn't. Merlin decides instead of gloating, he'll let Arthur take out his frustrations on him instead. Points for Arthur fucking Merlin while Merlin wears his gold medal. De-anon with more porn, a.k.a. this is The Late-Night Pay Per View Remix.

Olympic funtimes )

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Wow. Today was insane at work. We did something like $1500 in the first four hours of my shift, which is little more than $6/minute. That's pretty ridiculous seeing as our most popular menu item is $5. THANK YOU HARVARD FOR HOSTING A NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL DEBATE TOURNAMENT. APPARENTLY CHEESE AND CARBS MAKE GOOD FUEL FOR SPIRITED REPARTEE.

I wouldn't know. I'm allergic to dairy products.

Still, it was funny having random high school boys try to flirt with me for a free cookie. I prefer this to older guy who tried to flirt with me yesterday because he liked my tattoo. It's kind of cute when a 17 year old from Florida tries to smile and talk about how it is cold and be charming. It's not so cute when the 40-something guy asks me outright "Do you have a boyfriend?".

Erm. Anyway. I took this pic the other day on the way to the dentist. I thought these cars looked like knights, swords wipers at the ready to do battle with snow that never actually came in a meaningful way.

Oh, and there is a small sporting event going on right now, as you might know. The 33rd America's Cup, taking place in Valencia, Spain. I love boats.

Wait, you thought I was going to talk about the Olympics, right? Well, there is that. Which reminds me, I wrote an Olympics-related Merlin fic a while back, but I HATED THE ENDING because I copped out of writing porn. So, eventually I will own up to said work of writing, but NOT UNTIL I FIX THE ENDING. I should probably poke around for a beta if I'm going to go whole-hog, though. Hmm.

I actually do like the Olympics. Canada's a cool place, too. I dig it there. I once planned on competing at Spruce Meadows but it didn't pan out. Sad face.
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I didn't know that I needed a Merlin/Mean Girls crossover in my life, but apparently I DID like burning.

It all started on a thread over at [ profile] ohnotheydidnt , although I didn't get involved until [ profile] ems  posted all of the Mean Girls/Merlin quotes that came out of said thread. So, I had to contribute my two cents(because Mean Girls is a total guilty pleasure of mine).

So, now all the Mean Girls/Merlin quotes were posted HERE to [ profile] ontd_merlin courtesy of [ profile] ems  (and thanks for putting all that together, you are awesome!) and the cycle repeats itself. WITH HILARIOUS RESULTS. Awesome, because I was having one of those craptastic days in which life is kind of a bitch, but then this thread comes along and HELLO LAUGHTER IS GOOD MEDICINE.

Seriously, I have been laughing for the last hour, at least. I totally had plans to work on writing fic and other totally serious things, but I abandoned said plans because when Mean Girls/Merlin takes over your brain there is no stopping the signal. HIGH FIVES TO EVERYONE INVOLVED.

I think we can agree that MG/M (I have officially abbreviated the crossover) has total merit, because as [ profile] rayslady  said, "every clique has it's own problems" and the knights of Camelot would totally have issues.
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I need a magic wave in my life right here's my contribution

Why this picture? Because this was the moment I was all "Hey look its Arthur...and he's a total d-bag! Awesome!".  Also, I love the dude cooling out in the background  thinking " hey that's hot".  Plus, is it just me or is Merlin's grimace not so convincing? Anyway, propagate, wave of magic, I command you!
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Well, now that I got my political irritation out, I will say "Hello" to the lovely new people from the Merlin Friending Meme.

My name is Alissa, and I currently live in Cambridge, MA. I am 26 and work part-time at a pizza place while I look for full time work (victim of the economic downturn, but that's okay) and ponder a return to school. I have my B.A. in Geology but I'd be going back for Environmental Science.

Anyway, I generally use this journal for fandom-related things, like my recent forays into writing fic. I still find the fact that I am actually writing anything rather funny asI had long labeled myself Not A Writer. Having been around various fandoms, on and off, for 10+ years mostly as a lurker, my level of participation in Merlin related stuff still surprises me (in a good way). The first fic I ever read was in 1999, just after Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out, so that's where I started out.

Anyway, I also love to read, am a pretty avid sea kayaker (out of season right now, though) and really enjoy  just walking around the city. I'm not a photographer in the sense that I've had training, but I also like to take pictures while doing one of several outdoor sports (hiking, paddling, etc) or of interesting things I find around my hometown.

So I hope that is enough of an intro. It's hard to pin oneself down in a post, and I am out of practice! I did have an LJ that I kept for years, so maybe I just need to get back into the swing of things.

Oh, and I'm DarthRocky over at Twitter if you're into that kind of thing.
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Wow, so, this fandom has completely messed with my world. I used to be a lurker who didn't write and labeled RPS as strangeness of the tinhat variety. Along comes Merlin and I am a participating, writing and (as a recent development) an RPS-reading person. Damn, if I had known this was going to happen, I would have chosen a better username.

Title:  Don't Be A Menace (To Camelot, While Drinking Your Ale in the Woods)
Author:  Ali
Rating:  R but only for language, it's pretty gen otherwise
Disclaimer:  This attempt at humor is not of any personal fiscal benefit, and I own nothing.
Spoilers/Warnings:  Up through S2 ep. 8. Also: unbeta'd
Summary:   For the [ profile] kinkme_merlin prompt: Arthur/Merlin. Recognizing that Merlin is his father's man when it comes to the fight against magic, Arthur keeps the fact that his feelings about magic not being all bad to himself. Bonus for crack of Arthur and Merlin both going off to deal with magical things in secret from the king separately and basically tripping over each other try to accomplish the same task and pretending they're both there by happenstance.

Fic under here )
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Now I can read (and possibly write, if I get the nerve again) fic and other non-school related items sans-guilt. Woo-hoo.

NOT SO FUN: I have to be at work in 1.5 hrs, because I don't have a "normal" job that a MASSIVE SNOW INCURSION means you don't have to go. Honestly this snowstorm is not that bad, but the timing is freaking awful.

OH AND MERLIN SEASON FINALE (I watched, rather guiltily, while polishing my term paper yesterday). There is so much that could be said but like always, I get hung up on the little stuff. Stuff like this:

We find out Merlin's dad fled for Ealdor after escaping from Uther. This means that Uther had probably just begun his "War on Magic" as Balinor probably wouldn't have gone to Camelot had mass magic-user executions already taken place. THEREFORE we can assume it was relatively shortly after Arthur's birth/Igraine's death. Since Balnior's flight and arrival in Ealdor took place after the fact, we know that Merlin is at the very least ~1yr younger than Arthur, and that is being very conservative. Given events transpiring and other factors, its probably more on the order of 2-3 years. I know that Merlin being younger is already sort of "canon", but I like to nail these little details down. My brain is strange.
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So, I don't exactly know how I found this (methinks I was searching for something Merlin-related and accidentally used Google Scholar) but the point is I did. A scholarly article, written by some group-psychologist dude, about Merlin. The title of the paper is "Merlin Emrys, First Group Consultant to the British Isle"

The article, published in Group Analysis, Vol. 33, No. 2, 271-287 (2000) is by M. Ettin, and the abstract goes like this:
Legend suggests that Merlin Emrys, man or myth, was Britain's first group consultant. In the 6th century, he provided guidance necessary for the generative matrix of the fragmented island, besieged from within and without, to transform into an integrated society. Critical aspects of psychotherapy groups and their leadership are explored by elaborating four myths characteristic of Merlin's life and amplifying the symbol of a tower central to each. The birth chamber; exploding fortress, windowed observatory, fellowship of the Round Table and the quest for the Holy Grail exemplify the group process.

I totally want to read this article, but like a lot of scholarly stuff you have to subscribe to see it. Oh well.

Linkage to article site

Okay, I need to stop being distracted by Merlin and actually study for my finals of doom.
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Okay, so I watch FlashForward on NBC and while this isn't exactly a crossover, it takes place in that world. I don't think you need to be familiar at all with the show to read this. Oh, and if you don't watch FlashForward, I do recommend it because its an interesting show, which makes me feel better about the fact that the reason I started watching it was Joseph Fiennes.

I don't really think of myself as a writer...certainly not a good one but hey, this was just something my brain came up with on my train ride to class yesterday. IDK why my mind went for cliche' and sappiness, but it did. *shrug*

Title: Not Yet There
Author: Ali
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Have no claims to either FlashForward or Merlin, this randomness is just playin'
Spoilers/Warnings: Not really, although this is unbeta'd and this is coming from someone who previously self-identified as Not A Writer so it may be crap (/end self-deprecation).

Summary: Modern AU/kinda crossover with FlashForward. Merlin works for a temp agency in New York City as an office drone. His life, so far, has been extremely average. His future, however, may not reflect the present.

It was an average day in an average office when it happened )
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Mmmkay, so I loved "Sins of The Father"...I think its the episode with the most emotional depth we've seen from Arthur in the whole series, and damn how. Hooray for character development.

Most people think that Merlin has sunk himself even deeper by pretending that Morgause was lying to Arthur the whole time in order to stop him from killing Uther. Here is what I think; regardless of what happened in this episode, when Arthur finds out Merlin is a sorcerer he would (and will) still have been (royally) pissed. Merlin has lied about magic many, many times before. This time, however, Merlin lied to save Arthur from doing something he would regret, to save the very person that condemns magic-users to death. If Merlin, by being a sorcerer, were de facto evil, he would have let Arthur run his father through. By lying, he saved the king's life (for the second time...not that Arthur knows that). Even if Arthur puts him in chains when he finds out, all Merlin has to say is "If I were evil, why did I stop you?" to get his friend back to the ideas he had already come up with on his own ("maybe all magic users are not bad").

Okay, I'm not sure that Morgause was telling the whole truth, but I am not sure she was right-out lying either. She might know Igraine from some kind of contact w/ the dead (which we have ascertained she has the power to summon, although she can't control how long they stay). Igraine may also have been unaware of the bargain that her husband struck with Nimueh.

Put it this way: Uther strikes a bargain with a sorceress for an heir. Neither of them know the consequence will be Igraine's life (although Nimueh probably should have). Uther does not tell his wife what he's done. Igraine dies after giving birth, and in death learns why, assuming her husband knowingly traded her life for her son's. In a way, this makes sense. The dead understand why they die (her life traded for her son's) but no longer have connection to the living (understanding her husband loved her and did not know her life was the price). So....the end result is that the ghost!Igraine thought her husband killed her on purpose, although that wasn't actually the case.


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