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Mmmkay, so I loved "Sins of The Father"...I think its the episode with the most emotional depth we've seen from Arthur in the whole series, and damn how. Hooray for character development.

Most people think that Merlin has sunk himself even deeper by pretending that Morgause was lying to Arthur the whole time in order to stop him from killing Uther. Here is what I think; regardless of what happened in this episode, when Arthur finds out Merlin is a sorcerer he would (and will) still have been (royally) pissed. Merlin has lied about magic many, many times before. This time, however, Merlin lied to save Arthur from doing something he would regret, to save the very person that condemns magic-users to death. If Merlin, by being a sorcerer, were de facto evil, he would have let Arthur run his father through. By lying, he saved the king's life (for the second time...not that Arthur knows that). Even if Arthur puts him in chains when he finds out, all Merlin has to say is "If I were evil, why did I stop you?" to get his friend back to the ideas he had already come up with on his own ("maybe all magic users are not bad").

Okay, I'm not sure that Morgause was telling the whole truth, but I am not sure she was right-out lying either. She might know Igraine from some kind of contact w/ the dead (which we have ascertained she has the power to summon, although she can't control how long they stay). Igraine may also have been unaware of the bargain that her husband struck with Nimueh.

Put it this way: Uther strikes a bargain with a sorceress for an heir. Neither of them know the consequence will be Igraine's life (although Nimueh probably should have). Uther does not tell his wife what he's done. Igraine dies after giving birth, and in death learns why, assuming her husband knowingly traded her life for her son's. In a way, this makes sense. The dead understand why they die (her life traded for her son's) but no longer have connection to the living (understanding her husband loved her and did not know her life was the price). So....the end result is that the ghost!Igraine thought her husband killed her on purpose, although that wasn't actually the case.

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I hope you don't mind me replying to an older post; I found this interesting because I hadn't thought of that possibility (Merlin reminding Arthur that he could just have let him go ahead); it's true that it must have strengthened their bound. On the other hand, Merlin solidified Arthur's prejudice against magic that day, and people with prejudices often aren't rational, so I think that it's not certain that Arthur would be - though maybe that's giving him too little credit? And there's always the possibility that Merlin wants something evil but different from Morgause...
(I agree about Igraine being real.)

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Hello! I love discussing stuff like this so comments are welcome:)

I think you are right, Arthur wasn't acting rationally so who knows how much of Merlin's words actually sunk in, nevermind the events leading up to him almost killing Uther.

Merlin might have seen Morgause like he tends to deal with other magic-users; interested but ultimately loyal to Arthur. He's killed other users of magic before for that loyalty, to his own disadvantage (Saving Uther, etc). Hopefully Arthur will realize this (eventually) even when he realizes Merlin has been lying. After all, "Actions speak louder than words" and Merlin's actions with regard to Arthur are not those of a lying sorcerer but of a loyal friend (well, mostly, but you see my point).


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